Meet Donald L. Murdock, a design engineer by trade, Owner and Designer for Sandhills Solar & Wind Inc. Donald’s interest in renewable energy began in the mid 1990’s. He began by assisting a number of interested friends in the design of their own Photovoltaic (PV) systems. First lesson, there was no software, free or commercial, that covered all the calculations or hardware needed to complete the final system installation. Donald set about the task of developing the design software using a combination of Visual Basic & Microsoft Excel that would cover as much as possible without becoming a long, time consuming process. The software evolved over the years & in 2002 Donald began contracting out his design services to several electrical dealers who desired to install PV systems for their customers, but were not familiar with the hardware or the operating parameters of a photovoltaic system.

In June 2008, after many enhancements to the software & successful installations over the past 6 years, Donald decided the time was right to take the big step & announced the creation of his own renewable energy business, Sandhills Solar & Wind INC.

 In June 2008, a team of experienced renewable energy enthusiasts joined forces to form the new company, Sandhills Solar & Wind INC. The owner, Donald L. Murdock, brings years of experience & custom design software to the table to assist in the design of successful, cost & energy efficient PV & Wind systems. We not only design & install, but we guarantee & service what we sale. With 2 locations in North Carolina, service is just hours away, not days.